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Potty Training Seat For Kids

Potty Training Seat For Kids

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More Safe, More Comfortable for Baby



Let us take all your worries away! Featuring high-quality material, this training potty seat provides you with peace of mind while your toddler uses the potty! The smooth armrests on this potty training seat fit the curvature of the baby's hand. Moreover, a pee catcher is designed for boys as well as girls between 1-7 to effectively prevent urine from splashing.


Ergonomic Design Baby Potty Seat



Designed for comfort and safety, this potty training seat perfectly fits a child's body. The high-back design protects your baby's spine from damage and provides a comfortable grip for climbing. It features non-slip rubber pads, and the ladder fits firmly to the toilet at the back and at the bottom. Thanks to the non-slip wide ladder, your baby can easily turn around. It’s a trustworthy companion for every parent!





Easy installation, tightens the screws with a key, no tools required. Max capacity of 75kg(165lb), sturdy enough when your toddler climbs up and down. The padding on this potty seat makes it more comfortable to sit in.



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Material: Plastic



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Customer Reviews

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Tatiana Schulze

We introduced this to our toddler this week. She was using a separate potty chair and initially did not want anything to do with a regular toilet. This grabbed her attention and she is excited to use it. Super easy to assemble, sturdy, and easily moves out of the way when needed.

Clémentine Dubois

It's a great option for my tiny toddler. I don't want to use a dump potty so this one is great. The hole is long but narrow, the handles let my kid keep herself steady. She's not great at climbing in herself and she still needs help getting the potty set up and put away, but its sturdy enough that she's grown pretty comfy sitting there!

Kayleah Tornincasa

We bought this potty seat to help with potty training the grandkids when they come to our house. It is sturdy and comfy for the little ones. Good value! The parents also have this exact one at their house

Demelza Ecclestone

I got these for my toddler . I liked it because it can be easily folded and put on the side when not needed

Honour Herbertson

Our 5 year old son didn't ever want to use the toilet. He was so afraid of the toilet. We bought those cartoon character types you place on the seat, but those didn't work. This thing however, worked like a charm! He loved it!

This was easy to put together. It came with all the tools needed to build it. My son was so excited to try this product, he even helped us assemble the toilet seat and ladder. It's also easy to store away, as it folds and tucks away neatly.