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Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

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Are you worried about the baby's nails?


Never Scratch on the Face Anymore



Newborn and above. Use gentle but effective shaking to trim your nails safely. No cut! Will not harm the stratum corneum or the soft nail bed. Use as a nail clipper for soft baby nails, or as a nail file/bumper for children and the elderly.


Adjustable Settings



Quiet and easy to control, with high and low speeds and two rotation options, clockwise and clockwise! It can even be used to trim the nails of sleeping children.





Lightweight and portable: the package includes a travel/storage box, trimmer, and 9 cushions. Powered by 2 AA batteries, not included.

Product Information


Material: ABS Plastic

Quantity: 1 Set

Weight: 0.25KG



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Grahame Pahlke

Highly recommended.. if your a parent scared of hurting your newborn by cutting their nails this is the tool to use. It’s recommended to use it when your breast feeding or bottle feeding. Read the instructions on which tip to use.

Olga Varnham

Love this ! It really does not hurt. Tried it on my 10 year old .. 6 year old . And my 1 month old. Gentle and easy to use !!! Put it in my diaper bag always !

Konstantin Cingolani

Very gentle product that gets the job done. Takes a couple of passes to get the hang of it but gets rid of those nasty sharp nails.

Surinder Marlowe

I was so nervous when clipping my babies nails. This trimmer is so gentle and makes the process smooth.

Mathias Richelieu

Very good! Practical and U is not afraid of sawing nails babies! Great purchase! Perfect