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Baby’s Anti-fall Protection Pillow

Baby’s Anti-fall Protection Pillow

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Afraid your baby will develop flat head syndrome from naps?

Anxious about the safety of your baby as they take their first steps? 

Do you worry about your child falling on their back or neck while playing? 


Baby Head Protector to Protect Head & Back



Helps protect the baby's head and backside when they are learning to crawl and walk. Reduce head and back injury. Avoid the baby head collision. Made of high-quality fabric material and filled with safe PP cotton, this infant pillow is very soft and breathable!


Premium Quality 



Made of high-quality materials, the Anti-fall Protection Pillow serves as a charming baby head protector. Breathable Tencel and high resilience PP cotton make its quality superb and exemplary for babies' safety precautions.






More comfortable and anti-slippery as this newly upgraded strap is thicker & wider than the common one. For a baby's comfortable wearing, Very easy to adjust the chest strap according to the baby's needs.


Product Information

Crystal Velvet fabric

Pillow shape: round

Pillow filling: cotton core pillow



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very soft. Great quality. My grandson is starting to walk. I hope this comes in handy.

Jessamine Sherman

Love this!! It definitely works and It’s soft! I feel like any baby who is sitting, crawling and just learning to walk should have one.

Tatiana Schulze

This product absolutely does what is intended, protect your child's head and back. My 10 month old would sit up too quickly and sometimes tip himself back landing on the padded playpen floor but even though padded would cry. The crying has stopped since the backpack was added to his playpen routine. He now sometimes tips back but lands softly, turns over and continues to crawl. Definitely worth it!

Demelza Ecclestone

Very beautiful! Looks exactly like the picture and quick delivery.

Kayleah Tornincasa

Very beautiful, cute, and served well in my baby! Arrived fast also!