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Baby Safety Helmet

Baby Safety Helmet

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Do you wish to keep your children safe when they are out walking?

Baby Protect Head Helmet



The head cushion can effectively protect the baby during the collision and the friction caused by the bump and fall. The bumper bonnet provides an anti-knock, anti-friction, reduced shock, and cushioning effect, preventing or reducing the baby's head injuries


Premium Quality Materials



The outer layer is made of cotton, and the fill-in layer is a high-density and elastic sponge free from smell. Designed for maximum shock absorption and impact resistance





Adjustable 12 X 18 X 2.5 cm circumference is specially designed to suit any size of infant’s head, offers maximum safety with comfort for your loved kids


Product Information


Material: Cotton +Polyester



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You will receive your item in 09 to 14 working days. We apologise in advance for any potential delays. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Works so great!

Honour Herbertson

I really needed this product. It definitely is giving me a peace of mind. We have mostly floor on our home so having this product makes me feel more at peace when my kid is wondering around specially now at her age (10 months) she’s getting ready to walk. It easy to adjust

Konstantin Cingolani

It looks just as advertised. Love that it's adjustable. My daughter instantly felt comfortable wearing it and wouldn't take it off. I feel less stressed about her walking around now.

Surinder Marlowe

I highly recommend this to everyone I know with littles. It has saved so many bumps and tears, and really gives me peace of mind. If you’re not sure, just do it. You’ll be glad you did!

Grahame Pahlke

Amazing product!! If you’re second guessing DONT!! Best thing out there for wild infants