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Flower Bath Baby Mat

Flower Bath Baby Mat

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Do you want to keep your kids safe while bathing?

 No More Sliding While Bathing 



Our flower bath mat has a center design that was created to help steady your newborn's round bottom until they grow stronger. This patent-pending design helps cradle them while in a plastic bather, sink, or tub.


Safe for Kids' Skin



A Newborns skin is sensitive. That's why the top layer of our blooming bath flower is all-natural. Unlike synthetic infant sink baths, our cover is organic cotton & bamboo. Only the best materials should touch your infant's delicate skin. Order one for grandma's house and create a familiar bath experience for your baby! Make trips easier with our foldable baby bath pillow. It comes with a bamboo washcloth, suction hook & tote bag for storage or to take on the road.





Drying your baby's bath mat is simple. Use included suction hook for daily hang drying in your shower. Need refreshing? Simply machine washes & dry gently. 


Product Information

  • Material: Cloth



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mathias Richelieu

I got the first of these for my sister 5 years ago from her registry. Since I’ve given ~ 5 to expecting friends. They’re always loved! Easy to use and clean. Great for bathroom and kitchen sinks as the baby grows.

Surinder Marlowe

Love this, makes bath time easy - I have used from newborn in the utility sink with jugs of water.
Happy baby!

Olga Varnham

Loved the cushion and support. My 2 month old loves it too

Jessamine Sherman

I originally planned on using one of the baby bath tubs, but afteeing trying it one time and watching my new born slide around I quickly ordered this. My baby is nearly 3 months old now and this thing has worked great! He is out growing the sink though and I may have to go back to the tub, but I would still recommend this for any 0-3 month old baby.

Grahame Pahlke

I love this!! It makes bath time so easy. The flower is very thick and feels like it would be comfortable. I definitely recommend it